Sean D. Fleming Must NOT Be Elected to the Madison Heights, Michigan City Council

Sean D Fleming must not be elected to Madison Heights, Michigan City Council

Sean D. Fleming is a very scary person who is a candidate for the Madison Heights, Michigan City Council. He must NOT be elected.

Sean D. Fleming is a liar. He is a stalker. He is a member of a notorious gang. He seems to me like he has a few screws loose.

I was notified last week that he was a candidate for the Madison Heights, Michigan City Council. I was sent a link to his Facebook page for his campaign. I clicked on it to discover that Sean Fleming had just published that I was on the FBI Watch List and the Homeland Security Watch List. This is absolutely false. I emailed his attorney, Barbara Hachenburg, requesting proof of this. Gee, she didn’t respond. There is no proof.

Here is what Sean D. Fleming published on his campaign Facebook Page:

“My opponent Kymm Clark says people should google peoples names to find out about the candidates. What Exactly is on google about Myself? While some people believe everything on google to be true it only takes one person to try to ruin your “online” reputation. Making a long story short I have a person whom purchased my name as a domain name and has created an entire website with false headlines and full of false information. This person who did so was is a convicted criminal who was on the FBI and Homeland Security watch list. Further this person sued myself in a case along with several others in an attempt to quash our first amendment rights. The case was filed in 2013 and in 2014 I had won the case which was recently affirmed by the state court of appeals see photo below. The facts are google can be used to put out negative information about someone that is not true. If you questions about this case you can message me. I won a first amendment freedom speech case against a millionaire extremist political activist.”

There have been no false headlines.  No false information.  Never been on an FBI or Homeland Security Watch List.  Never sued anyone to quash First Amendment rights.  Never committed a crime.  Never put any false information on Google.  I am not and haven’t been a millionaire extremist.

This is the type of thing that Sean Fleming does to people he disagrees with or doesn’t like.

Sean D. Fleming has published that I am a killer, pedophile, criminal, stalker, liar, terrorist who incites Arabs to attack America; have committed tax fraud, sexual misconduct, fraud, perjury; have a plan to execute politicians, have advised others to violate laws, have incited violence, have declared the President to be an enemy of State, got my penis stuck in a glory hole, committed wrongdoing involving donations and Internet domains, published false information about a school, am unstable, operated an address scam, planned to kill Sean Boushie, was unsuccessful with 1st Communications, that Bain Capital bought 1st Communications after I ran it in the ground, filed bankruptcy with 1st Communications, have partnered with Russians, have committed wrongdoing in litigation, am incompetent in my movie filming, and much more.  None of this is true.

I attempted to obtain a protective order against Sean Fleming for stalking, but the Michigan judge said she wouldn’t issue it since she didn’t feel I was at risk as I lived in Texas. Folks in Michigan don’t have that “protection.”

The last thing that Madison Heights, Michigan needs is a loose cannon on its City Council.

I plan to file a lawsuit against Sean D. Fleming for libel.